Friday, June 1, 2012

Goals for my life

Today I came across one of my journals from 1990.  On July 14th I wrote what I consider to be the eight beatitudes for my life:           
            if I can make someone laugh
            if I can help someone feel better about themselves
            if I can inspire someone to do something good, something creative
            if I can open a new door in someone's life
            if I can discover and share a new idea
            if I can turn on a new light in someone's mind
            if I can help someone to love, to recapture love, to be aware of love
            if I can touch someone with love ...
                        then I will be happy!
Although I am in very different circumstances now than in 1990, these words still define what I consider to be the ideal for my life.  So today I print them out, paste them to the wall, and promise myself that every day I will accomplish at least one of my personal beatitudes.

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