Thursday, July 15, 2010

As a writer I believe in the importance of sharing experiences, perspectives and theories. It seems that blogging has become one of the most important vehicles for the expression of ideas, so I hereby dip my feet further into the waters of the Internet.

Let me begin by explaining the reason behind the title of my blog - a theory I call the "Swiss Cheese Method."

In this "age of information" we are constantly bombarded with details of all the problems we face, locally, nationally and internationally. Most of these problems are so complex and beyond our control that it is easy to become overwhelmed. Sometimes I hate to listen to the news because I feel helpless and frustrated and often so depressed that I find it difficult to handle even my own small problems.

The Swiss Cheese Method means doing whatever small things we can do, taking whatever action we can, and starting to poke holes in the problems. Even the tiniest holes are important. More and more little holes eventually lead to bigger and bigger holes. Poke enough holes and the problem is no longer the same big huge solid insurmountable block. When it is full of holes it is something lighter, more manageable. Eventually, hopefully, we will have poked so many holes so that the problem will fall apart or even disappear.

It's not a new idea. Early in the 20th century, Father James Keller M.M. said "It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness." The effect of his work and the Christopher Movement he founded continues to touch many lives today.

I had a very wise aunt, Aunt Marietta, who used to say "when you are faced with what seems to be an insurmountable problem, it is ok to throw your hands up in frustration ... as long as you bring them right back down and get to work."

Let's start lighting candles and poking holes and creating Swiss Cheese out of our problems!

Note: - In future blogs I'll be sharing some of experiences and stories from my life, and giving my thoughts and perspectives on various issues including politics, faith and religion, women, culture and history. My hope is that the stories and ideas I share will give hope and encouragement to those who might have thought they were alone out there, that they maybe bring a smile or even a laugh to those who identify with some experiences ... and most important, that they will promote discussion, inspire new ideas and stimulate action.

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